Car Valet Liability Insurance

car valet motortrade insuranceLooking for a good deal on your car valet liability insurance does not just mean getting the best price but also means making sure that you have the right cover in place to meet your requirements.

We provide instant access to car valeters liability insurance with very competitive deals on public liability and employers liability insurance and perhaps some extra cover that you do not currently have under under your existing policy?

What is car valet liability insurance?

The car valet liability insurance policy is designed to protect you against the legal liabilities that may arise in your business.

What sort of liability insurance does a car valeter need?

The car valeters liability insurance requirements basically fall under two distinct areas;

1. Protecting yourself against claims from third parties. This is dealt with under public liability insurance.

2. Protecting yourself against claims from any employees.

What is car valet public liability insurance?

The car valet public liability insurance policy protects you against claims made against you in respect of your legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising during the course of your business. Whilst this is not a legal requirement it is the only compulsory section of the car valet liability insurance policy.

What is car valet employers liability insurance?

All employers in the United Kingdom are required by The Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance ) Act 1969 to hold a current employers liability insurance policy. There are a few exemptions from this requirement that apply to situations where the only employees are close family members and not in a limited company and for a limited company where the sole employee is at least a 51% shareholder in the business. If you tell us that you have employees we will automatically include quotes for employers liability into your standard car valet liability insurance policy.

What are the limits of indemnity under a car valet liability insurance policy?

The limit of indemnity under a car valet liability insurance policy is the maximum amount that the insurance company will pay out in respect of any one claim in respect of both public and employers liability insurance. For employers liability insurance the legally required minimum is a limit of £5M but in practice insurance companies provide a standard limit of £10M.

For public liability you choose the limit you want under the policy, the limit that best suits your requirements for adequate protection in respect of the work you undertake  and to comply with any contractual requirements you may have with the people you work for.

Does the car valet liability insurance policy cover me if I damage a customer’s vehicle whilst cleaning it?

Most liability insurance polices exclude damage in respect of property “their custody or control, or being worked upon” this would exclude such damage but we do have products that provide the cover and are actually avaiable at lower prices than policies that exclude the cover. you will find that the third party property damage excess is increased in respect of these claims, generally to £500, but in fact you are benefitting from cover that is generally excluded from liability policies.

What other cover is available under the car valet liability insurance policy?

Our on-line quote system for car valeters liability insurance provides you with additional options to add insurance in respect of your business tools and equipment as well as personal accident insurance to protect you financially when you are unable to work as a result of an accident.

What is the policy excess under a car valet liability insurance policy?

The policy excess is the amount you will have to contribute towards the cost of each and every claim under the policy. For public liability insurance there is not an excess in respect of personal injury claims but there will be one in respect of third party property damage. This excess will generally be £250.

There is no excess on employers liability insurance.

Where can I get a car valet liability insurance quote?

You can apply apply on-line for instant quote and cover comparisons from leading insurers or you can call us direct to discuss your requirements with a specialist broker.